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Shivam Computers

It Services Provider



Computers thoroughly burn-tested by state of the art benchmark and other world’s best testing software. Prepared by our qualified engineers and technical staff
PCs, multimedia and internet ready machines
High-end Servers with multi processors support
Notebook computer, Laptop and Palmtop
Assembled computer both based on Intel, AMD, via C-3 and Motorola processor with genuine spares.

-Laser Printers
-Inkjet Printers
-Backup drivers
-Multimedia Devices
-Networking devices
-Laptop computers
-Palmtop computers
-Digital Cameras
-PC, Servers up to P-IV
-Notebook Computers
-Laser Printers
-Fax Machines
-Apple computers
-Laptop and Palmtop
-Inkjet & DMO Printers
Providing on-site maintenance of networks and all type of computers viz., Apple, IBM, Compaq, hp, Laptops, Pentium, Servers etc. and printers viz. LaserJet’s, DeskJet’s, DMP’s etc.
Round the Clock Service
Provide by our Resident Engineers Where the number of computers exceeds more then 70 otherwise our response time is max 8hrs in local and surrounding area of metro, for outstation max. 2days, if the call is before noon.
Zero Breakdown
Services provide, backed by an exhaustive range of peripherals of components and module level spares to ensure zero breakdowns.
AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract)
AMC of computers at very affordable and so competitive rates that you will be tempted to go in for long-term Contract with us.

Installation of CD Server for mass communication
Internet and Networking through Remote Server
Turnkey projects of Networking and establishing long distance channel of communication
- Multimedia, Education & Desktop Publishing etc.
- Data Backup, Recovery and Accounting Software Conversion
- Site installation, Video Conferencing and Chatting